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Base of the neck

As an ongoing student, I get the privilege to train using the methods that Sifu Kelley provides. I've been following the teaching on the pearls and core filling. Something that I've encountered is the realization of how much tension I have in my shoulders holding them up against gravity. Also, I've seen how I use the hydraulic pressure of the core to push up my crown from the front. The latter probably contributes to the former. As I let go of this in training, I get a taste of suspending the crown and dropping the shoulders. On the positive side I'm able to feel the stretch from the pallette down across the front of the neck, across the clavicles. Also, I can feel the diamond of the trapezius on the back. On the "negative" side, this stretching has lead to a couple of things: 1. The base of my neck at C7 level feels sore. 2. I've been experiencing some sensations going down my left arm from my rotator muscles and upper trap down my arm and into my hand. It's a very specific thread like line. The sensation varies from a slight burning to tingling in my hand. Am I releasing too much, too soon?


From your description, I'd say these sensations are to be expected. If they get worse and you feel dizzyness or vertigo, back off the training immediately.  You are pushing the chi into the meat of the head, instead of the chi naturally and safely following along the bone. C6-C7 is a major junction, keep that area light and lively. Remember the first rule of pearls training, softness and smoothness first - and much later - hardness and sharpness. In this method, we closely follow 'Yin cultivates yang, yang exhausts itself to become yin'. Neuroanatomy shows that we can feel yin aspects of the body years before we can clearly feel the yang. Keep yourself safe by training softness and smoothness.  

Thankfully, I haven't had any pressure sensations in the head or dizziness. I have become aware of light tension between the eyes that I have to release. The the up pressure ends basically at the throat and gives a slight chokey, restricted airway sensation and leads to the crown going up and back instead of suspending.