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Vibrating/shaky feeling

Today, while working with a patient, I was personally working on maintaining relaxation whole holding on to the 6 harmonies. First, this was more difficult. Lol. I was able to keep the shoulder/hip better than the elbow/knee. And the hand/foot just wasn't there in motion. It's been about thirty minutes since I ended the training and I've had a shakiness/vibrating feeling inside my body. I'm not overtly shaking not do I feel bad. What is this? Is it normal?


Training the String of Pearls to Coordinate the 6 Harmonies results in clear perception of the inside of your body. Specifically, the parts of the body responsible for power generation. In the beginning, the vibration/shaky feelings are due to these parts being very weak.  Later, as the viscera, skeletal connections and perceptions strengthen, the shaky sensations fade away and vibrations regulate and refine. When more refined, perceptions change to offer the potential for engaging in another training regimen. :) Of course, we will discuss that regimen at the appropriate time. This shaky stage is relatively brief and will pass soon. Be sure to give yourself plenty of recovery time between training sessions.