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J Breath

Started practicing the J breath and when I exhale but keep the drop to Dan Tien I get a vibration. The vibration is through the bones. The drop is still pretty weak. But, by holding onto Dan Tien point, I've been able to keep the energy going down much better than before. Apparently, this is my guess, all my singing (using my self taught technique) had really strengthened the solar plexus area of the diaphragm and it pulls everything there since the perineum is very weak by comparison. Also, the rest of the diaphragm is unbalanced. So, using your instruction to hold onto certain points inside of my relaxation is helping to balance that.


At this point in your training the String of Pearls your perception of the internal landscape is developing more clarity in some areas while other areas are still murky. When you accept the murky areas, the pressure in your body will balance. Let go of any frustration and your progress will be smoother. This mental shift is a necessary stage of the development of the neuronal connections needed to feel what we are training to feel. :)