How Do I Get Access To The Class Archives

Plex Media Server is used to deliver archived classes. Here's how to get access. 

  1. You must be an 'Ongoing' student or have been personally invited by Sifu Kelley.
  2. Go to and create a free web account, do not install a Plex Server (unless you want one). If you want more streaming options, sign up for their excellent PlexPass.
  3. Contact me with the email address or username you provided to create the Plex account.
  4. I will send you an invite via Plex.
  5. Login and 'Launch' the web app. There's a big button.
  6. Approve my invite.
  7. Find your content. Look for a server called 'KG's Media'.
  8. Enjoy your training!

As of July 2020 we have over 645 hours of class archives. Each week we add another 6 or so. You will have limited access. As a SOD student, you have a library containing any private lessons and one or more class libraries. Archive access is granted according to skill level and understanding. Sharing experiences to our community is required.


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