What Do You Mean, 'Rediscover Natural Power & Grace?'

A question was asked:

I've been thinking about 'grace'. 

'Grace' (capitalized) represnts some kind of spiritual experience; 'grace' has something to do with harmoniously integrated movement.

What do you consider to be 'Natural Grace', is it both of these or one? "

Sifu Kelley responds -

Yes to both. I chose that word carefully. The meaning depends on the student's expectations. Mind-Body training enriches all aspects of life. For those on a spiritual path, my training is useful. For those who are not, my training is useful. The method I use emphasizes the ability to contact and, more importantly, develop the parts of the brain associated with consciousness, insight and bare awareness. The result of this process is that a person behaves well and in accordance with the highest standards in, hopefully, any context. Professional, personal, private, spiritual, physical... Whatever the conditions, 'natural grace', is apparent in all movements and decisions. 'Natural' means it's already there - part of our primary inheritance - only to be realized or uncovered for expression. Hard work is needed. Much bitter to get the sweet. 'Grace' connotes dignity and composure under stress. especially when taken in context with 'Power'. This is large topic. :)