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Bridge to I Liq Chuan - Stage One

14 Weeks - 13 class hours

  • Becoming a great student
  • Empty cup and beginners mind
  • Tai Chi principles
  • Ease and relaxation
  • Unify mental and physical
  • The feel of yin and yang
  • Quiet the body-mind

Bridge To I Liq Chuan - Stage Two

14 Weeks - 16 class hours

  • Maintain All 13 Points
  • Awareness - Yi Qi Li
  • Balancing Yin and Yang
  • Feeling the bones
  • Seated and standing meditation
  • 'Internal Feel'.
  • Manifesting internal power

Ongoing Monthly Membership - Class Archive Access

Students who:

  1. Complete Stage One and Two OR complete my UCB Program curriculum,
  2. Have been evaluated in depth via live video or in person training,
  3. AND have fully participated online by sharing training journal entries and participating in discussion may gain access to 569 hours of video and audio materials, unfiltered or edited. (Aug2018)

Taichi Breath Standing Meditation - Full Lesson

32 Min

This is the full lesson with all 5 stages of the Tai Chi Breath as well the Universal Post standing meditation. You will receive access to the training page after payment verification.


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