Tai Chi Foundations - NeiJia Philosophy, History and Tradition

Students learn the cultural context of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Over time, effective battlefield methods evolved to become vehicles for lifelong self-cultivation. This understanding leads to more authentic training experiences and better overall results, both in martial skill and personal development. This course of study is offered in audio podcast format with training video micro lessons. Prerequisites: None

Academic Syllabus

  1. Introduction - History and Tradition
  2. Traditional Chinese Beliefs
  3. Taoism - Chang Tzu
  4. Taoism - Dao Te Ching
  5. Taoism - Leih Tzu
  6. Buddhism - to 1640 C.E.
  7. Shaolin Buddhism and Tai Chi Chuan
  8. Tai Chi Tradition & Modern Practice

May2018 - Online Curriculum In Development

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